From the floor to the ceiling: Cinergy Amarillo debuts with games, movies and more

From the floor to the ceiling: Cinergy Amarillo debuts with games, movies and more
Cinergy Amarillo is now open to the public, with movies, bowling, laser tag and more. (Source: Cinergy)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - From arcade games to laser tag, bowling and more, the Cinergy building at Town Square in Amarillo is packed from floor to ceiling.

"It's really about bringing lots of forms of entertainment all into one place, so for families, it's really, really exciting," said Tizoc Strong, Assistant General Manager at Cinergy.

From the floor to the ceiling: Cinergy Amarillo debuts with games, movies and more

After a soft opening to the public, the complex is now open seven days a week.

"This first week has been really great. We've been very busy," said Strong. "It's so great because Amarillo has really needed a place like Cinergy, just a family entertainment center where they can come and enjoy themselves with friends and family."

One of the largest features at Cinergy is its theater which includes laser projection, surround sound and heated seats.

"Quite a few people will come into the theaters with blankets, hoodies and jackets and it just seemed like that was a step above," said Genaro Hernandez, Theater Manager at Cinergy.

In addition, the theater brings the snacks to you after you place an order at the complex concession stand.

"You order there, you don't worry about anything. You grab your drink, you get into the movie theater," said Hernandez. "That way, your food comes to you."

Beyond the cinema, Cinergy's building also houses a bar, event rooms, bowling, laser tag, a ropes course with zipline and escape rooms. In order to staff those different features, hundreds of jobs were brought to the area with some openings still available.

"We brought over 300 jobs to the Amarillo area, from individuals who are working with theater to games personnel, to cooks and prep cooks, you know, we've hired quite a few," said Strong.

The Cinergy job portal currently lists jobs in different departments for the Amarillo area, including hourly team members, management, sales and home office positions.

Cinergy 4D ride

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Posted by Jami Seymore on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

As for the Cinergy team, they hope the community continues to check out the new business.

"It really offers the community a fun time to come out and celebrate with the family," said Strong.

From the bowling alley to the ropes course, those families can celebrate from ground-level to the sky.

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