Ride along on Route 13: new on-call service

The City of Amarillo has added a route that gives you an option to be picked up on-demand.
The City of Amarillo has added a route that gives you an option to be picked up on-demand....
The City of Amarillo has added a route that gives you an option to be picked up on-demand. (Source: KFDA)(KFDA)
Updated: Oct. 10, 2018 at 6:45 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - One of the new services available from Amarillo City Transit is it’s on call service.

To get a better understanding of how this route serves the community, I was picked up at Westgate Mall to ride along on Route 13.

Route 13 is one of the newest additions to public transit in the city.

It’s an on demand ride servicing the hospital district in Amarillo.

There are scheduled times the bus will be at a bus stop, but the route is for rider convenience.

You can call dispatch at 378-3095, provide your location and request a ride.

"Our on call service primarily serves the medical center area from Westgate mall down the I-40 corridor and out to the Tascosa Road Walmart, " said Brett Lawler, Fixed Route Operations Supervisor for Amarillo City Transit. “Just anywhere within that zone for passengers who don’t live close to the Route 11 that goes through there on W 9th. It provides people the ability to get out here on the other routes that meet out here on the mall without having to go into downtown and get out to their medical appointments or even if they work within this zoned area."

No matter where your destination is within the city, transit says Route 13 can help you get there.

“Depending on where their destination is going to be, if it’s within the zone, he’ll just drop them off in the zone,” said Lawler. “If it’s outside of the zone, he brings them here to the mall where they meet up with three other routes and depending on where they’re going which route they’ll take from there.”

Jeff, who has been a bus operator with the city for almost 6 years, picks up about 40 or so passengers a day.

As the on call operator, he’s building a relationship with those who take a seat.

“I think it helps a lot,” said Jeff Braddock, a bus operator of Route 13. “If they don’t know you, they’re all, ‘Hi, how are you?’ They’re real friendly to me. I try to be the same way back to them, to give the best service that we can give.”

Amarillo City Transit says it’s not just this route they’ve gotten feedback on, it’s their new network that’s gone from eight to 13 routes.

“The efficiency for our passengers. They’re spending less time on the bus so they can get from point A to point B on their trip a lot faster than what they used to,” said Lawler.

The transit department says they’re continuing to look at ways to improve for riders and encourages residents to reach out about their experience.

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