Perspective: Don’t mess with the Panhandle

Perspective: Don’t mess with the Panhandle

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - We have all heard “Don’t Mess with Texas” as a slogan for not littering. Based on Amarillo’s recent events, I would say “Don’t mess with the Panhandle” because we are on a roll and standing tall for what we believe.

Amarillo stood up in the past and brought in Pantex, then developed a state of the art medical district and even pushed through the political players to get our roads and bridges fixed.

Amarillo stood up in 2017 and said we want a professional baseball team in Amarillo, and now we are seeing the fruits of that.

Amarillo people stood up this year and said we want a vet school and those who stand in our way, need to step down and move aside. Last week, Texas Tech Board of Regents had a dramatic change based on a lot of pressure from Amarillo and west Texas people.

Just like in the golden years when our founders settled this land, we are making a stand and making things happen that will improve our home towns. Amarillo and many towns throughout the Panhandle of Texas, Oklahoma and Eastern New Mexico are pushing forward on projects that could change the future of their towns.

Today’s Perspective is one of pride for our fellow area residents and the boldness to push forward on things that seem too hard and stand-up to make a difference in the Panhandle.

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