AL girl gives up birthday party to feed the homeless

AL girl gives up birthday party to feed the homeless
Kayla Glover is not your typical 8-year-old. Rather than have a birthday party in November, she wants to spend it feeding the homeless. (Source: Justin McNelley)

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - At first glance, Kayla Glover is your ordinary 8-year-old. She loves watching her favorite show, Spongebob Squarepants, and spends the weekend working on her multiplication. However, once you spend some time with Kayla, you realize she’s far from ordinary.

“It’s all about giving and that’s what she’s about,” said Kayla’s father Roosevelt Glover.

Kayla has decided to give up a birthday party and instead spend her ninth birthday feeding the homeless in the Wiregrass area.

“Every day and every hour they have to wait until somebody to come and feed them,” said Kayla.

At first, Kayla’s parents were shocked to hear that their young daughter wanted to give up having a party for her birthday.

“This was a couple of months ago,” said Roosevelt. “We gave it a little time to kind of smoke over and see if the answer would change. So, about two weeks ago, she said it again. We asked what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said that she wanted to feed the homeless.”

But they have also seen over the last few years what a big heart she has.

“Since the first grade, Kayla will always wanted me to bring extra snacks to the school for the kids I didn’t have a snack,” said Kayla’s mother Karon Glover. “When she actually brought this up, I was like, I know you have a big heart, but for you to sacrifice your friends coming over and having a big birthday party, it was very heartwarming.”

Now the family is feverishly working to make sure Kayla’s birthday wish becomes a reality.

“It’s real big because she’s 8,” said Roosevelt. “You wouldn’t expect that, but we’re going to make it happen.”

Kayla’s birthday is a few days after Thanksgiving so she is wanting to do a Thanksgiving theme for the food she passes out.

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