Lubbock woman shares prayer with DPS Trooper after act of kindness

Lubbock woman shares prayer with DPS Trooper after act of kindness
KCBD Rosalind Willis prays over Trooper Ricky Walters.

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - An encounter between a Lubbock woman and a Department of Public Safety trooper is gaining attention on social media. The special interaction comes after the trooper goes above and beyond to assist the stranded driver.

Rosalind Willis said she was driving to Post and was in between Lubbock and Slaton when she had a tire blowout on her vehicle.

While she was pulled over, Trooper Ricky Walters stopped to help.

In her video documenting the moment, Willis said she wanted to highlight the positive interaction with Trooper Walters in which he not only stopped to help but changed the tire himself.

“I thank God for him, his servant heart,” Willis said.

Willis said she wanted to make sure she shared the moment in a time when law enforcement is often seen in a negative light.

She was also struggling herself with apprehensiveness around law enforcement following her cousin’s death in 2012. Rodney Moore was shot and killed by a Tahoka police officer during a standoff situation.

“I just still had this tender spot in my heart because of what happened to my cousin that I just kind of avoid officers,” Willis said. “I felt like that was a divine moment for me that God used him to show me that every body is not the same. Not that I didn’t know that before but I needed to see him with his servant heart.”

Willis said we all have the choice to focus on the negative or be positive.

“We’ve got to continue to pray that we don’t judge all officers by one bad experience, a few bad experiences or a whole lot of bad experiences,” Willis said. “We just want to make sure we are being fair and we make sure we are showing love no matter what.”

Since he provided a blessing with the tire change, Willis said she wanted to pray a blessing over Trooper Walters. The two locked hands for the moment.

“We need to love each other more, encourage people more,” Willis said. “Look for opportunities to build each other up. Don’t be quick to tear people down. Don’t be quick to say people are this or that because you are missing the opportunity of a jewel. I’m honored God blessed me with the opportunity to meet this man because he is a jewel.”

Trooper Walters tells KCBD this good deed is part of his commitment to serving our community.

“I am blessed to have the opportunity to wear this uniform and I feel great pride in being in a position to serve Texans," Walters said. "The motto of our organization is, Courtesy, Service, Protection and I am most fortunate to have been put in a place to help Ms. Willis.”

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