Good News: How the Lions Club uses the proceeds from the pancake breakfast to benefit the community

Good News: How the Lions Club uses the proceeds from the pancake breakfast to benefit the community
Good News with Doppler Dave Oliver (Source: Johnson, Kaitlin)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - It's time for pancakes from the Lions Club. They have been helping the community for a long time.

“Our charter was in 1919," said Suzy Compton of the Downtown Lions Club. “We were the first organization to see a need in the city and we put in the street signs. We bought them and actually put the street signs in Amarillo.”

All the signs in the downtown area, that’s where they came from. That’s right.

Pancake sales fund the Lions Camp for kids with disabilities and illnesses, like Ben Newlon with type 1 diabetes. I asked Ben what he thinks makes camp so cool.

“We get to learn about our diabetes, we have a ropes course, swimming, we do a couple of trails, and then we also have the dance," Ben said.

Lions Club member Robert Bain said, “The camp is owned by the Texas Lion and all the the campers that go down there every summer go at no cost to the family.”

The Lions also team up with the Texas Ramp Program to make homes accessible for wheelchairs.

Mach Thomas, recipient of a ramp from the Lions Club, said the ramp has helped his family.

“It’s unbelievable how much it has benefited myself and my wife because the people who put the ramp in for us were very considerate on questions that I had. You might notice that down our ramp it goes right down to my pick up, she doesn’t have to double back to get on the sidewalk,” Thomas said. “It didn’t cost me a dime. Those people came over and donated their time and their lumber. I am retired and wife is, too. We just didn’t have the money to put a ramp in.”

Suzy Compton of the Lions Club added, “We are having our 29th annual pancake festival. It happens at Tascosa High School this Saturday from 7:00 a.m. until Noon. We will be serving, and it’s all you can eat, pancakes and sausage.”

You know, a belly full of pancakes - that’s good. But when you are blessing people through the process - that’s good news.

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