Ten Area Fugitives Caught Or Turned In

From a suspect in a shooting that put a 14 year old boy in the hospital, to a man who earned a spot on the DPS 10 Most Wanted List, all the fugitives we have featured on NewsChannel 10 this year have been located by police, thanks to tips from viewers.

Aside from this week's fugitive, we are 10 for 10 for 2009.  But we would not be without the help of NewsChannel 10 viewers.

Bradley Scott Cunningham, wanted for felony theft of more than $1500 caught on a Crime Stoppers tip in downtown Amarillo.

Andrew Malleck, wanted for his alleged involvement in a shooting on Goldenrod in Amarillo, which sent a 14 year old to the hospital, turned himself in to officers.

Thomas Suarez, wanted for seven warrants including one for assaulting a Deaf Smith County officer...on a Crime Stoppers tip, caught shortly after leading officers on a foot chase on South Van Buren in Amarillo.

Santos Rodriguez, a convicted sex offender wanted for a parole violation turned himself in.

Sean Corey Spears, wanted for forgery of a financial instrument also turned himself in.

Steven Hill, wanted for burglary of a habitation caught by field officers on North Houston Street.

Kodi Randell, also wanted for burglary, caught by police at the Amarillo Motel.

Lupita Hernandez, wanted for forgery of a financial instrument, turned herself in to police.

Randall Scott Downey, wanted for credit card abuse caught on a tip in East Amarillo.

Finally, James Michael Pettigrew, wanted for assault on a family member causing injury, also turned himself in to police.

But police need you to help them find Norman Joseph Vinning, wanted for robbery.

Information on Vinning can be called into crime stoppers at 374-4400 or emailed or text messaged through www.amapolice.org .