"Shock Sites" Can Turn Kids Violent; Parents Can Control Content

Massacres, beheadings, and other graphic images are readily available for your children to see online on so-called "shock sites."

We are not talking about a couple of cartoon characters walking around with machine guns.  These are real-life, detailed gruesome images, ready for your children's viewing on the world wide web.

Watching violent acts is supposed to make you cringe.  Dr. Son Vi Nguyen of Psychiatry Clinic of Amarillo says, "violent behavior should be a very shocking experience, a very shocking thing to think about. If someone gets killed or if you get killed, that is a very shocking thing to think of."

But it eventually will not be if kids experience it a lot over time.  Dr. Nguyen says, "if you look at something over and over, you become immunized to it, you get used to it. There's nothing shocking anymore, there is nothing taboo in your set of values."

And soon, Nguyen says life starts to imitate art as children become more violent.

To try and nip that in the bud, parents have some options to ensure their kids cannot get to shock sites.

Douglas Campbell, Vice President of AMA TechTel says, "one is absolutely free on most browsers and that is setting up parental controls with a password."

Campbell says setting up parental controls is pretty easy: open your browser, go to tools, then Internet options. Click the content tab and then hit the enable button. Then you see options of what you want to control. Select the option and pick your range of control, from unrestricted to blocked. Then set a password and confirm it. Now, no one can get through to one of those sites without that password.

Campbell says, "parents can also go to web sites that charge for the service such as besafe.com and those will set up controls that are very difficult to get around."

Both Nguyen and Campbell agree the Internet is a great resource while also being a great threat.