Want Job Security? Check Out These Recession Proof Careers

Recession proofing your career is now easier than ever. Which makes the often impossible task of finding a job much more manageable, for workplace veterans and college grads alike.

There are certain careers that are expecting record growth in the coming years. If you've ever thought about becoming a computer analyst, drug abuse counselor, a vet or even a vet tech, there's never been a better time. Those jobs top the list of the 150 fastest recession proof careers. "It's what I want to do. It's just a love of animals." Jayson Kirkland is a senior in WT's pre-vet program. "I am 100% confident I'll have a job." And that's not just him being optimistic... Vet tech grads have a 96% job placement rate.

According to the recently published 150 Best Recession Proof Jobs by Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D, the vet and vet tech industries are expected to grow more than 35% over the next decade. So, exactly why is the veterinary field expanding so rapidly? Well, it sounds like it should be the exact opposite, but despite the recession, people are actually spending more money than ever before on the four legged members of their families, on everything from food to medical care. An expected $43.4 billion dollars this year alone... That's up 26 percent from just four years ago.

Kirkland says, he wants "to go and work in a rural community." Jayson is on the right track... That's exactly where vets are most needed in the panhandle. Another reason many veterinary tracks are recession proof in the high plains... They are vital to local farming efforts. Dr. David Lust is an Animal Sciences instructor at WT. He says, "In our region, food animals are extremely important to the Texas Panhandle because they're on the front lines of protecting our animal industries like feed lots and dairy and swine industries." Rounding out the top ten fastest growing recession proof jobs... Gaming investigator, social service assistant, physical therapy assistant, pharmacy tech and dental hygienist.