Campus Recycling Program Could Show Region How To Benefit

In order to save, a local city and university are teaming up... Saving paper and money.

It started as a project for a government class, but now students at Oklahoma Panhandle State University say they're learning about the economics.

Bins are placed all over campus.

They are limiting the school's waste and helping cut down on disposal costs.

But they're also providing an added source of revenue for the city of Stratford, which is recycling the pounds and pounds of paper.

And students believe communities all over the region could prosper from recycling.

"It would be cost efficient, it would save money and everyone's looking for the quickest way to save a buck," said Angela Grisham, a student at OPSU.

"Not only does it keep those items out of the landfill and cost of disposal. It helps support the generation of jobs, equipment and the promotion of the recycling program as well," said Stratford City Manager Duane Mungia.

The city of Stratford says they have spoken with many other communities about the benefits of a recycling center.

And the students say their small test site on campus could be a blue print for towns throughout the region.