Unemployment Rate Up in Amarillo

Sylvia Garza Taft, Workforce Solutions
Sylvia Garza Taft, Workforce Solutions

Amarillo's unemployment rate is more than a percentage higher now than it was at this time last year. And that means more business for places like panhandle workforce solutions.

We are told about 40% more traffic is coming through the doors at Panhandle Workforce Solutions over the last month or two.

Employees say more people are looking for work because some businesses are laying off a few employees here and there or cutting back on hours.

And other businesses like Owens Corning are laying off hundreds. Because employers are cutting back, job postings are fewer as well.

Sylvia Garza Taft of Workforce Solutions says, "Any job is a job now and we seem to have employees holding onto these jobs longer and longer and not quitting like they use to."

The unemployment rate has been hovering just over three and a half percent over the last year. But now Amarillo's unemployment rate has jumped to 4.6% or about 4,600 people.

Panhandle Workforce Solutions says more local government aid is now available for the newly laid off.

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