Watch Out For Latest Door-to-Door Scam

Cpl. Carla Burr
Cpl. Carla Burr

People posing as local high school students are attempting to scam Amarillo residents out of hundreds of dollars.

It's all part of a door to door scam. Here's how it works... Young girls dressed in Amarillo High letter jackets are knocking on local doors, claiming they are selling magazines so they can afford to go on their school's soccer team trip. There's only one problem... We spoke with Amarillo High and their soccer teams never take part in door-to-door sales.

This is not the first time this type of scam has been attempted in our area. Amarillo Police say it's a reoccurring problem... Just a few months ago, people were posing as Amarillo High boys soccer players.

If someone like this knocks on your door, here's what you should do, according to Cpl. Carla Burr. "My suggestion is if it's any student or anyone that approaches you either take their name and number and tell them you'll confirm this or contact the school they're saying they represent immediately and ask if there's anything like that going on."

AHS says they need to put an end to this as soon as possible, because scams like this threaten students ability to successfully take part it legitimate fund raisers.