Alligators in Spearman are Living Large!

The Texas Alligator Ranch, an established highlight in Spearman is expanding to add a small bed and breakfast.

The ranch is home to 18 foot alligators and you are welcome anytime. "Well we don't have to many hotels in town when we have a celebration or when people come in for a funeral, not to many places to stay," said Dean Coates, Owner.

A friend of Dean gave him a yacht , he is redoing it and it will be part of his bed and breakfast plans.

The Alligator Ranch started as a retirement project. "I just thought it would be fun retirement project, kind of educational for the kids, not to many alligators up here so you don't have to go to Florida to see alligators."

Coates has a good time sharing his gators and says kids come from a 200 mile radius to look. "They say there is nothing to do, well come look at the alligators check 'em out you can even wrestle them if you want to."