"Incompetent" Suspect Charged with Robbing Same Bank Twice

NewsChannel 10 looked into why this suspected bank bandit was allowed back on our streets and possibly committing crime again so quickly.

The Randall County District Attorney says when someone is considered incompetent he is not able to understand the charges against him and aide in his defense.

It is up to the court system to order mental health treatment. The mental state of the suspect can be tested as many times as the prosecution wants to hold a hearing.

However, the D.A. says in some cases prosecutors decide to stop putting resources into the case if the suspect appears he will never become competent enough for trial.

James Farren says, "It's drawing resources against other cases that need your attention. If the person is infact a malinger, a person who is, it's a sham illness that's why they are counting on."

Court records show Hatton was ordered to complete mental health rehabilitation for just under one year.

Hatton's charges in 2007 were handled by the federal government. It is up to the government to follow up on hatton's mental abilities and make the decision to go to trial.