Help ID Human Remains and Missing People

Thousands of bodies lay unidentified in morgues all across America, and hundreds of missing people go undiscovered everyday. Now there is a way you can help law enforcement close these cases.

The website is,  and it's basically CSI meets the real world. It's a new database that allows law enforcement and citizens to access information on open case crimes.

There are 40-thousand unidentified victim mysteries waiting to be solved nationwide. In hopes that you can help them solve those mysteries, the US Department of Justice has put most of their information at your fingertips.

Just log onto

Four thousand unidentified victims are currently listed on the website, which was recently opened to the public.

One in four of those victims is a Texas resident.

Potter County Justice of the Peace Thomas Jones says, "You have to take into consideration the amount of undocumented people who come across the border. "

The Potter County morgue is very small, so storing unidentified victims bodies is a challenge. Jones says, "We have to cremate them and keep them in our local facilities until a positive identification can be made."

Also on the site you'll find 83 people reported missing from Texas, with the oldest being from Childress, missing since 1966.

Others from the Panhandle include two from Amarillo and one from Borger. Medical examiners from around the nation are touting this as something that will not only help clear the books, but also bring closure to restless families.

Local victims are sent to the Lubbock medical examiner. We attempted to call the ME's office several times today to get his opinion on the site, but no one returned our phone calls.

The site is expected to link the missing person and unidentified victims database in the near future.