It Pays to Stay the Night in Amarillo

The Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council is giving travelers a chance to win one thousand dollars.

Beginning March first through September 31st , if you stay the night in Amarillo at a Hotel, Motel or a Bed and Breakfast, send the Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council your receipt and they will put you in a drawing for one thousand dollars.

You can enter up to 10 nights. The drawing will take place 10 times until September 31st.

"Its a promotion to try and help bring visitors to Amarillo this spring and summer it started yesterday and goes into the end of September it covers our travel season." Said Eric Miller, Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council.

With Spring Break around the corner the ACVC thought it was smart to start the travel promotion early,getting the word out. "When we start getting a lot of entry's when we get into our heavy travel season , summer is our busiest season well really get a whole bunch of entry's 10 drawings at 100 dollars total."

The Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council CPA's will be drawing the winning ticket.