Amarillo Warrant Roundup Fully Underway

Teams of officers are hitting the streets searching for citizens with unpaid fines, and outstanding warrants.

"If you get a citation it says you need to take care of it within 12 days. Be it pleading guilty, or pleading not guilty, whatever. You need to take care of it," said Victoria Medley, the Municipal Court Administrator.

But thousands of people don't take care of class C misdemeanors.

So now officers are finding the worst offenders.

"There's thousands of people who have warrants so just to clean the logs. Just to get people in here to serve their time or pay their fines," said APD Officer Billy Dewitt

Officials are already calling this roundup a success.

"We've served over 25 hundred warrants in the past two weeks, we're extremely busy today," said Medley.

But there's still work to do as many people remain wanted.

"We've got three out of 10 or 12 so it's a low percentage but still it's going to help clean up some of the warrants that we have outstanding," said Officer Dewitt.

"That's how we get into this situation with warrants and everything. I think these are really important just to hold accountability for our community," said Medley, who added The roundup is important because both the police department and the municipal court spend countless hours on citing and enforcing the minor crimes, but as the warrants build, it's time for some spring cleaning, and beyond.

" 24/7 every day of the year you can go online and look at those warrants," said Medley.

Two weeks ago when the roundup started the amarillo warrant list was almost 700 pages, now it's down to 650.

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