New Bond for Bushland Schools

Bushland ISD administrators hope a new $9.1 million bond will help solve some old issues.

Officials want to relieve congestion from high traffic areas at the elementary and middle schools. A small portion of the bond would cover new paving projects around those schools. In addition, part of money would help purchase more school buses and new technology for all three schools.

But the greatest portion of the bond will go to fix overcrowding at the school district.

Currently, there are 1,200 students enrolled in Bushland schools. Superintendent John Lemons says the district has seen a steady eight to ten percent growth each year.

"At some point with our growth, yes, we will need to come back, and re-configure a look at another building," Lemons said.

For now, they are only considering additions to existing schools. The bond would give Bushland High School new classrooms before the end of the year. The middle school would also get some extra space, including a new cafeteria and extra portable buildings.

"That's the issue, we are just out of classroom space," he said. "And we want to try to stay ahead of the game as much as we can, but it getting critical for us to get this done."

The bond is expected to raise taxes for Bushland homeowners. If your property is worth $100,000, you'll pay approximately $6 more in taxes.

The district will call for a bond election this Wednesday, March 4. If approved, voters will have a final say on May 9th.