AC Professors Get NASA Training

In order to show students how math and science can be fun, a few teachers from the Panhandle were given the chance of a lifetime to experience what it's like to be in space.

And now they're back on earth, and back in the Panhandle, ready to show kids across the region, why they should look for a career with NASA.

42 times, two Amarillo College professors were able to experience weightless ness through a NASA program.

"They yell out release, and you just start floating in the air. And it is the most bizarre feeling," said Collin Witherspoon, a math professor at AC.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that Witherspoon is now sharing with students all over.

"They wanted us to go first to get some enthusiasm for it. Come back, get students enthusiastic about it," said Witherspoon.

"We are able to go to junior high and high schools and tell them more about it and tell them what we've done," said Jack Stanley, the Sciences and Engineering Division Chair at Amarillo College.

"We're trying to motivate students to get more into one of the four stem fields which is any of the sciences, technology, engineering or mathematics," said Witherspoon

" See how cool it is. That helps us with the younger generation to say, you know school can be fun," said Stanley.

Now that AC has participated in this program, students will be eligible to take part in the same program and ride the zero G plane.

To find out more about the program, or to have AC Professors come speak with a school near you call Collin Witherspoon at (806) 371-5142, Jack Stanley at (806) 371- 5091 or Dr. Kathryn Wetzel at (806) 371-5097.