US Government Issues Warning for Spring Break Travelers

Hundreds of people are being killed every day in border towns at the hands of Mexican drug cartels. With spring break just around the corner, that has West Texas A&M officials concerned for students' safety.

The violence in Mexico has gotten so bad over the past few months that the US State Department recently issued a travel warning to stay away. It's six pages long and alerts travelers that US citizens are often kidnapped or are collateral damage in drug cartel violence. It's that violence that has WT concerned for spring breakers safety, especially since so many students spend the week on South Padre Island, and then take a trip to Mexico.

Upcoming spring break safety meetings will stress the importance of the travel warning, especially for those who go south of the border because the drinking age is only 18.

Assistant Director of the Jack B. Kelley Center at WT says, "They will go to see what it's like because they've never been there. And of course the drinking age is lower in Mexico so a lot of them will go there so that they can legally drink and that's not a good idea. You need to keep your wits about you, especially with everything going on there right now."

More than 100,000 college students are expected to make Mexico this year's spring break destination.