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Child Sex Offenders at Local Schools

Potter County Probation Officer Terry Easterling Potter County Probation Officer Terry Easterling
Stan Chatman, AISD Stan Chatman, AISD

Registered child sex offenders are being allowed at some local schools and some say it will actually make our community a safer place. 

Principals of local schools are allowing sex offenders on campus under certain circumstances and supervision.

In fact, one judge OK'd a case with similar guidelines just this morning. I am told many schools allow parents who are sex offenders on campus every now and then for the sake of their children.

Parental support is important for a child's development and officials say many rulings are made specifically to avoid punishing a child for a parent's decisions.

Potter County Probation Officer Terry Easterling says, "Under the right supervision, I think that those students and the faculty of that school are going to be safer from sex offenders than they would be just going to the mall."

The Amarillo ISD has procedures that allow a parent who is a sex offender on campus. Right now each school can make their own decisions but the district is looking at creating a district wide policy in the near future.

Stan Chatman of AISD says, "We are looking around at alot of the area schools and schools around the state for that matter and looking at some of their polices and seeing if there are some things we can develop to put into a policy that is enforceable that will continue to keep our kids safe and keep our schools safe."

The Randall County Assistant District Attorney Robert Love says the only thing parents can do is complain to the school. 

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