R.E.A.P. Helps Families Find Homes

Perry Williams, The Williams Group
Perry Williams, The Williams Group

From your first apartment to your first home, one local company is working to establish a program not seen anywhere else in the nation.

It's kind of like a rent-to-own program, but your starting out in a new apartment and in time you could end up buying a brand new home.

It's called R.E.A.P.

"R.E.A.P. stands for Residential Equity Accumulation Program," said Chris Childers, the Multi-Family Housing Manger at Silver Oak Apartments.

They call it R.E.A.P. because when your done living in these apartments you can begin reaping your reward.

When you begin renting an apartment here, the company will take up to 20 percent of your rent and put it toward the equity of a new home.

They allow you to grow that through five years and then it's capped.

And the owner says it's an idea he and his sons came up with to keep housing reasonable in Amarillo.

"How can we keep people looking forward to capturing their dream of home ownership," said Perry Williams, the owner of The Williams Group.

"The only thing we require is they have to meet our qualifying criteria from the apartment community standpoint," said Childers.

The company that manages these apartments also builds these homes, so they say it's a benefit for both sides.

And so far, the program looks to be popular.

"I bet 70 to 80 percent of my community is seriously considering the R.E.A.P. your rewards program," said Childers.

Renters are not required to participate in the program, but the manager says it's a way to help people with bad or no credit, achieve the American Dream.

For more information call the Silver Oak Apartments at (806) 342-4433 or www.silveroakapartments.com