I-40 Continues to be Drug Trafficker's Favorite

More than five million dollars worth of drugs have been confiscated in the panhandle so far this year.

Those five million dollars worth of drugs were the result of 37 busts by the department of public safety. Most of them were along interstate-40, which we're told is the busiest stretch of roadway for drugs trafficking in America.

The potter county sheriff's office is now taking big steps to keep our highways safer and keep drug-traffickers off the streets.

As of this week, deputies will be specifically trained to catch drug traders along I-40.

Chief deputy roger short says that's extremely important because many of these drug trades are ending in Amarillo. "We had a search warrant a few weeks ago and got about two and half pounds of marijuana. We ran three search warrants a few weeks ago. We got guns, meth, marijuana, drug. I mean, its in town. Well that stuff doesn't grow here. A lot of it is transported here."

To give you a better idea of just how many drugs are coming through our area, since January first, the DPS has found close to 1,000 pounds of marijuana along I-40, as well as more than 6,000 grams of cocaine.