Ten arrest warrants expected in Guymon undercover alcohol sting

Ten arrest warrants are anticipated in Texas County after the Guymon Police Department conducted an undercover investigation of the sale of alcohol to minors.

Officers sent informants under the age of 21 to 15 stores and recorded the minors purchasing alcohol from clerks at 10 different businesses.

The chief of police says this investigation was an eye opener.

He says the informants were not using fake IDs and they were not asked for any ID from the clerks.

Here is a list of the stores in Guymon who sold alcohol to minors:

Loves Convenience Store

El Patio

Adolph's Convenience Store

Dancers Liquor Store

Kent Kwik

United Super Market

Dizzy B's

Mary Kay's Convenience Store

OK Liquor Store

Wes-T-Go Convenience Store

The stores that checked ID and did NOT sell to minors include:

Taylors Convenience Store

Zippy's Convenience Store

Wes-T-Go Travel Center


Christopher's Package Store