Update: Hereford House Explosion

Cleon Cawthon died inside his home on the 500 block of North Lee street in Hereford just after ten this morning.

The Hereford Fire Marshal tells NewsChannel 10 a natural gas leak inside this home caused the explosion just after ten this morning.

There is little left of the home now as crews have been clearing the site for safety reasons. The fire marshal says the home was in flames for 15 minutes before crews were able to get the blaze under control.

"We called the State Fire Marshal's office for assistance on this, so they got here and Alcohol Tobacco and Fire Arms showed up to assist, so we all got together and started searching to see what was going on," said Hereford Fire Marshall Dean Turney.

Neighbors tell us they thought they smelt a gas leak over the weekend, but thought the smell was coming from the gas station up the street.

We contacted Atmos Energy and they tell us no reports of a gas problem have been made since 2001. Atmos is checking the gas lines to and from the home, but so far, no leaks have been found.

Marshal Turney says they felt the rattle of the explosion two blocks away.