Law Enforcement Cracking Down at Canadian River Saturday Night

Arrests have already been made, and the Potter County Sheriff's Office is gearing up for a busy night at the Canadian River.

The sand drag competition has ended and now the Sheriff says deputies will begin concentrating on keeping everyone safe.

The Potter County Fire Department has been combing the Canadian River to make sure that no one has any open flames; already one ticket has been issued for that.

Officials we spoke with said they expect Saturday night to be the most dangerous as thousands of campers gather for a concert.

"That's when everyone starts getting really intoxicated and that's when the problems start. That's the main focus tonight is that and the longer you're out here, the more beer they're drinking and that kind of stuff, so we just want to make sure everyone's safe," said Sheriff Brian Thomas.

The sheriff says there have been a few minor injuries over the past three days and at least one person has been arrested for a drug charge.