"SANE" Hotline Helps Sexually Abused

Amber Hamilton, SANE Administrative Director
Amber Hamilton, SANE Administrative Director

At six years old she did not know what was going on when a male relative began sexually abusing her.

With the help of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners or "SANE" program in Eastern New Mexico she is finally learning to cope.

SANE is helping sexually abused children and adults in Curry and Roosevelt Counties get the medical, legal, and emotional treatment they need.

Today I visited with a young woman who says she would be dead if it were not for SANE and expects their new hotline to save many more lives.

"Horrifying." This is how 18 year old "Jane" describes the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

It wasn't until a year and a half ago her parents found her journal, and called SANE for help.

"I felt scared all the time and if it wasn't for sane there were a couple of times when I would have killed myself."

On average one in every three women and one in every six men are sexually abused at some point during their lives. But like "Jane" many are too ashamed to seek help on their own.

SANE Administrative Director Amber Hamilton says, "And we fall very very close to the one in three women and one in six men guidelines. Of those two thirds do not actually report. So it's always our challenge to reach those who are not taking advantage of our services."

If you live in Eastern New Mexico and you or a loved one needs sexual violence assistance call 226-SANE (7263).

SANE also provides std and pregnancy prevention resources, nurses, and can put together a forensic evidence kit to aid in prosecutions.