Weapons, Narcotics, & Tobacco Top School Tips

Officer Dale Powers
Officer Dale Powers
Corporal Carla Burr
Corporal Carla Burr

A student crime stoppers tip led to the arrest of a student who brought a loaded gun to school earlier this week, and officers say it is because of calls like this dangerous situations have been avoided on local campuses.

Text messaging is expected to further improve Student Crime Stoppers success. By texting in crime tips, student crime stoppers say they expect to get double the tips they are currently receiving.

Officer Dale Powers who runs Student Crime Stoppers says,"Now the kids don't have to go into the principals office and say, I need to make a call or they don't have to worry about going in a bathroom and using their cell phone and someone hear it. Now they can just sit there and text."

The majority of tips are related to narcotics, tobacco, and weapons. School liaison officers say texting can provide evidence of these items that phone calls could not.

Corporal Carla Burr, a school liaison officer says, "There might be a case where they can take a picture of it and they are going to put that on a text and that's also going to be better because that gives us probable cause which helps the police on their end."

The texting software program erases all incoming phone numbers to ensure the tipster remains anonymous.

"And we want to assure those children even when they make those calls and they text from their cell phone and even if they don't have the number blocked, " says Burr, "No one's gonad know it's coming from them unless they tell someone."

Student Crime Stoppers text messaging system will be up and running March 30th.

Phone calls can be made to 372-TIPS.