Crime Down with Felons Locked Up

Officers say crimes are down mostly because fewer felons are on the streets of Amarillo. The Amarillo Police Department has never seen this sharp a drop in local crime.

Officers tell NewsChannel 10 its because detectives are focusing on high priority items like felony warrants, and getting those offenders locked up.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld says,"We utilized our school liaison officers this past summer before they went back to school and during that summer time to do a warrant round up. We had numerous felony warrants that were outstanding."

That warrant round up caught 100 felons on charges including robbery, aggravated assault, and larceny theft.

Detectives are also reporting cases to the district and county attorney's office more quickly.

Potter County District Attorney Randall Sims says, "I would like to think, law enforcement is working together better now than I've have never seen them."

But that does not mean more inmates are in the Potter County Jail, in fact there are fewer. "I have nothing to back that up other than just in my gut I really believe that in one way we've got the people's attention, whether that's incarceration, probation, or they've seen others go to jail and say hey I need to stop doing that."

Sims tells me processing criminal cases will be getting even quicker within the next year.

The APD and the District Attorney's Office are working to set up a program that will allow all criminal records to be sent electronically between law enforcement and the court system.

This instant trading of information will greatly reduce the time it takes to capture criminals.