The MT2 is at the Discovery Center.

It has been compared to an I-phone on steroids and you can only get a glimpse of one locally in one location.

Its a mt2 table and its the only one of its kind on display in the world.The micro touch computer table can help you learn about Amarillo and the surrounding area.

Its a table size touch screen that when you touch a site it will zoom in on and it will pop up more information.

"What's really nice about it is multiple people can interact. One of the things about a good exhibit it gets people talking , there is a social to the dimension exhibit,"said  Jim Spadaccini, of Ideum.

The map was unveiled Tuesday at the discovery center. It is part of the all new exhibits that have been introduced through their capital improvement fund. The exhibit joins children and family together.

"The tactile sensation moves the screen with your hands without clicking on a mouse its a joyful experience because you can use it with not just one person 1 computer , but several people together exploring Amarillo," said Joe Hastings, Executive Director.

The MT2 was brought in by a company called Ideum , the company is out of New Mexico. The technology is referred to a I phone on steroids."We have been working for the last 6 months we have been working with Don Harrington Discovery Center to have the 1st installation of this exhibit. "

The Micro Touch screen will be a permanently thing at the Discovery Center.