GM Discontinues Saturn's

General Motor's announcement to discontinue the Saturn line brings an immediate end to local Saturn sales.

Tuesday, Saturn of Amarillo closed it's doors for the final time. We spoke with one employee off camera who is in complete shock tonight. He says he came into work like usual, but when he got there he was told he no longer had a job.

The dealership's owner says he wishes things could have ended differently, but GM's financial troubles didn't give him many options. Dean Sather says, "GM is losing $172 million a day and the fact that they're losing that much money. We got rid of the Saturn franchise back in January because of the dollar amount they're losing."

Money he too could have lost. "We decided that instead of GM going bankrupt and us being stuck with three or four million dollars worth of new cars, we'd just get rid of the franchise now and get our money from General Motors."

Now that the announcement has been made, there's only one thing left to do, liquidate the inventory.

All of the cars still left on the lot are currently up for sale and several local used car dealers have already staked claim on quite a few of them.

If you currently drive a Saturn, we're told there's no need to worry. "Saturn has a global warranty program with General Motors so it doesn't matter where you go you can get your car worked on at a GM dealership.

You can take it to Plains or Westgate Chevrolet or Brown Pontiac and they can take care of your warranty work for you.