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Saturn of Amarillo Closes Its Doors

Dean Sather, Saturn of Amarillo Dean Sather, Saturn of Amarillo

Saturn of Amarillo closed its doors on Tuesday... After General Motors announces the entire Saturn line will be discontinued nationwide immediately.

It's all in an effort to restructure the company and prove to the federal government the bailout was worth it. 23 employees came into work today and were told to clean out their desks because they no longer have a job. We spoke with owner Dean Sather who says he hates that it has to end this way but staying open just selling used cars was not a smart business move. He's known for a while now that GM was on a struggling path and chose to stop selling new Saturns in January.

Here is what this means for you. If you currently drive a Saturn, we're told nothing will change. GM has a worldwide warranty program, so any GM dealership can fix your car. Any car currently in the shop at the Saturn dealership will be fixed within the next couple of days. As for all of the cars left on the lot.... We've seen several other dealers walking around with clipboards all day, deciding which ones they want to buy for their own used car inventory. Any cars not purchased in the next couple of weeks will be cleared out and sent to an auction house.

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