Accused cat abusers will face charges Tuesday

Comanche County (KSWO) Two teenage brothers accused of beating a cat will meet Tuesday with investigators and the Comanche County District Attorney. The courthouse was closed Monday for Presidents Day, but Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley said the teens will face charges of animal cruelty from District Attorney Robert Schulte's office.

Stradley says the teens uploaded a video to YouTube that shows one of them beating a cat named Dusty while his brother ran the camera. 7NEWS called Sheriff Stradley Sunday afternoon to find out if he was investigating the incident, and he said he had not heard about it.  He came to the 7NEWS station and watched the video.  Within hours, his team identified the suspects and met with their parents.

Stradley says they are furthering their investigation to see if the 2 brothers abused other animals in addition to Dusty. 7NEWS discovered proof this wasn't the first time they abused the cat.

We found the teens also uploaded a second video of themselves abusing Dusty. A teen wearing a black ski-mask begins the video by denying his actions are wrong. "Today's test is initiating a kid named Dusty, which happens to be a cat, so it's technically not animal abuse," he says to the camera.

In appears they filmed this video before the other, in which the masked teen refers to himself as "The Animal Abuser".  In this second video, the boy grabs the cat by the head and repeatedly slams it against a tiled floor. He and his brother also mention how they've treated the cat in the past.

"We've taught him to disregard punishment in any way.  Do not take this offensively." They ask the cat if he is ready and proceed to spray it with a water bottle. Then the kid yells "I will kill you" at the cat, and punches and shakes the cat while it screams.

"It's a sickening feeling," Sheriff Stradley said. "I'm an animal lover and the best way to describe it is a sick feeling.  Just thinking, what in the world that somebody would do this and act like this?"

Sheriff Stradley would not disclose where the cat is being sheltered, but he said it received x-rays Monday and a veterinarian examined it for injuries.