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Medical Records to Go in National Database

Dr. William C. Biggs Dr. William C. Biggs

President Obama is expected to sign the stimulus bill on Tuesday, and $19 billion of that money will go towards putting your medical records in a computerized national database.

It's estimated that less than a third of doctors currently store patients data on computers... But all of them will be required to by 2014, according to this provision in the President's stimulus plan. Here's what it means for you.... If you are traveling and get sick, or move across the country, the doctor where ever you are can access your medical records instantly through this national database.

Obama says this e-records system will make the entire health industry more efficient, less costly, and provide patients with better care. Dr. William C. Biggs says, "potentially doctors offices could be reimbursed up to $44,000 per doctor if they fully implement electronic medical records and that's paid over a five year period beginning in the year 2011. Dr. Biggs adds there are many up front as well as ongoing maintenance costs that will not be compensated.

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