Water Crisis Solved?

The growing population of the Amarillo area is straining our water supply especially in these drought conditions.

Two new wells are going in in southwest Amarillo and eight more are being refurbished to become more efficient.

The city tells NewsChannel 10 this project should pump and additional three to four million gallons of water every day.

Only three quarters of an inch of rain has fallen in the last four months and NewsChannel 10's "Doppler" Dave Oliver says the current drought is a good indicator of struggles to come.

"At the current rate of usage for the lake. It's steadily going down. We're going to hit that point of no return where the water is not usable fairly soon."

To help ease this strain, one new well is going in at John Stiff Park and the other at Ridge Crest Park. The eight wells that are being refurbished are scattered throughout the rest of the the southwest region.

Emmitt Autry of the City says, "This is a short term help, they are not a solution to the problem they are a partial solution to the problem.

Autry says by 2011 the Potter County well field will be completed, sending an additional 20 million gallons of water into the city.

"Even if we lose Lake Meredith. So we'll be in the best position that we've been in for years by having the Potter County well field online. That 20 million gallon per day capability is huge."

He says residents and businesses will no longer have to ration water when the projects are completed. The city is spending an estimated 89 million dollars on the water projects.