UPDATE: Lawton teen films himself abusing cat, posts on YouTube

Lawton, OK, KSWO - An animal abuse story that has sparked outrage across the country has Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley saying that two local boys are responsible. The teen was filmed beating and torturing a cat, and uploaded it to YouTube over the weekend. It was viewed about 30,000 times.

7News telephones rang of the hook, and Reporter Robert Richardson took a number of the calls. Viewers read that the abuse happened in Lawton, and YouTube deleted the video, along with the user's account on Sunday. Edited portions - featuring 'Timmy' lead his camera operating friend inside a shower where a cat lay waiting for its fate.

The boy picked up the cat in what he called his 'laboratory' and slammed it against the wall and floor before striking it with his fists.

Sheriff Kenny Stradley visited 7News to watch the video for the first time, and it put him almost at a loss for words. He did, however, say this : "This is not a good deal. It s just...I have a lot of feelings for animals, and so to see something like this really bothers me. There s no use in treating an animal like that," he said.

Internet observers along with information from popular websites such as YouTube, Reddit, Digg, Facebook and Myspace, came up with pictures posted by a teen in Lawton that related to parts of the video. That's when 7News and local authorities began receiving calls. "At this time, it appears that it is here in Lawton. We re just at the beginning of this, but it s looking like it is from Comanche County," said Stradley.

The horrifying day may be over for the cat, but it is just getting started for its abusers. "We'll put it together and take it to the D.A. It will be up to the D.A. whether or not he files charges or not. Our job is to put the investigation together as a case and take it to the DA and that's what we'll do," said Stradley.

Stradley says the teens responsible were released to their parents by the DA and they and their lawyer will meet with investigators to determine their fate on Tuesday. Dusty, the cat, is alive and was taken to a veterinarian where it will remain until the investigation is complete.

The suspect cannot be reached at the address and phone numbers listed by some websites.