Amarillo Warrant Round-Up

Pay up, or we will come arrest you.

That's what the Amarillo police are saying as they kick off their warrant round-up this year.

On Friday the police and municipal court began sending out post cards which will start showing up in mailboxes tomorrow.

If you get one that means you're among the thousands of citizens who have an outstanding warrant.

The offenses range from unpaid parking tickets, to theft and alcohol related offenses.

One court official told us its about 70 percent traffic related and 30 percent criminal.

Regardless of the offense, the city is cracking down.

"It's real important that we get it out to the community that you have to comply when you get a citation you need to handle it," said Victoria Medley, the Court Administrator.

If you have a warrant you have two weeks from today to take care of it, if not, the police will come to your house or office and arrest you.

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