Valentine's Day Can Cause Migraines

Traditional Valentine's day gifts, like flowers and perfume, can mean a big headache for some.

Debilitating migraines are actually more common this time of year and can be brought on by Valentine's day gifts and treats.

Dr. Larry Newman with the Headache Institute at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital says the classic list of food triggers include chocolate, aged cheese, nuts and red wine.

Some 28 million people, mostly women, suffer from migraines.

The triggers vary from patient to patient, but doctors say it's important to know what things cause your headaches.

And doctors say avoiding those triggers is key, but that is not always possible, especially on Valentine's day.

So doctors recommend people take migraine medication early if they know they can't avoid them.

For more information about migraine triggers, plus diagnosing and dealing with the headaches, log onto the American Headache Society's Web site: