PPHM has the Bell of the Ball

The Panhandle Plains Historical Museum now has the Bells of the Ball.

A new exhibit " Bells of the Ball" will be unveiled tomorrow in the Textile Gallery . This is a exhibit mothers and daughters don't want to miss.

"The young ladies that are Symphony Belles they were them while doing their duties as ushers for the Amarillo Symphony and while they are presented at the Symphony Ball which by the way is next week. More than 15 gowns will be on display. "Susan Denney, History Curator said.

Dress' from the 70's are in the exhibit.

The Symphony Belles were started in 1964.

The earliest dress date back to the early 70's.

The Belles program was initially limited to women but has expanded to young men as well.The PPHM is a cutting edge museum with new technology.

"We just started a cell phone tour in an exhibit called it's been good knowing you Woodie Guthrie in Pampa instead of a wand or a speaker you get your cell phone and call a number and you can get more info like songs and things you would like to know. " Andrea Porter, PPHM Communications said.

The PPHM is open 9-5 Mon-Sat and 1-6 on Sundays. The exhibit will be on display until August 9th.