7-Month-Old Dies Of Abusive Head Trauma; Police Call It Suspicious

Bobby Griffin, Canyon Police Chief
Bobby Griffin, Canyon Police Chief

A Canyon baby is dead this evening and police believe his death was no accident.

Seven month old Thomas Villa went to Baptist Saint Anthony's Hospital Wednesday night.  Canyon police say they were called out to an apartment at 207 21st St., with the caller saying the baby had fallen off the bed.  He died last night.

An autopsy was conducted on the child this morning. Police Chief Bobby Griffin says, "the preliminary investigation points to abusive head trauma, a form of inflicted head trauma, it can be a blow to the child, throwing the child, or violently shaking the child."

The Police Chief says Villa had been in the care of his mother's boyfriend, but would not say whether he, or anyone else is a suspect. He did say they are questioning anyone who had been around the baby.

Child Protective Services tells us they have investigated this family twice before, once in 2007 on a physical abuse allegation and another time in 2008 on a medical neglect allegation. They say nothing came of either investigation.

Two other children were living in the home but have since been put in foster care.