Flower Delivery Technology Put to theTest

In September, local flower shop Scott's Flowers bought mapping software to help save money on fuel and cut down delivery times.

"Well, it will tell us exactly where to go and we won't over run," said Dale Stanford, as he delivered flowers to a customer.

But they have hit some road blocks along the way with the new GPS technology.

"A lot of your new streets are not on the maps yet," Stanford said.

So they've gone back to the drawing board for Valentine's Day weekend.

"The new method puts them out by zip codes. Well, your zip codes carry a large area," said Mary Ruth Albracht, Scott's Flowers manager. "Whereas, when we try to map a route, we try to make it go in a complete circle so that it's simple and it gets your flowers to people in a hurry."

They have managed to get faster, but without the help of the software. The GPS system selects routes based on zip codes and in our area this would increase driving time.

So the flower shop called for back up.

"They just came out with an update to the software. We put it in the first part of February, but we don't have it perfected yet.," Albracht said. "So we are pretty much using our traditional methods right now."

This means the shop is bringing back former employees to help with driving and mapping out the routes. We tagged along with Stanford on a delivery run. We clocked about five minutes in between deliveries.

While the old fashioned method is proving efficient this weekend. The shop is not giving up on technology.

"It's a great investment, but we have to perfect it," Albracht said.

Albracht says today will be their busiest delivery day of the year because most people want flowers delivered to their loved ones at work.