Michael Stocker Sentenced to 10 Years Probation

After another long day of deliberating, a Randall County jury decides Michael Stocker deserves 10 years probation.

The jury suggested the maximum number of years to still get probation, 10, and the maximum fine, $ 10,000 for Michael Stockers involvement in Dustin Pool's 2003 death.

Wednesday night, the jury found Stocker guilty of aggravated kidnapping, and today they deliberated for almost five hours to determine this sentencing.

Many friends and family members burst into tears, again, but this time tears of joy.

I spoke to Michael Stocker just moments after, and he said his one feeling was relief.

This afternoon his sister spoke on behalf of the family.

"You know he's been given a second chance, and we all are going to go forward every day thanking god that we have the opportunity to be with Michael every day," said Kimberly Gomez, Michael's sister.

Stocker was taken back to the Randall County Jail to be processed out and he's expected to be back home this evening.