You can be in Law Enforcement for Free

If you live in Randall County you can sign up and attend a 12 week police like academy.

The Randall County Sheriffs office is holding a free citizens academy for all those wanting to learn a new skill.

The program, which started four years ago, has grown to educate Randall County residents about the law.

Randal County Deputy Mike Mezgar says there is no hard labor, anyone can go through the class.

All aspects of law enforcement including firearms training and crime scene investigation are part of the class.

"I liked it all, it was all so fascinating , we didn't want to leave at night." Sherry Simms-Fleming, a recent graduate of the program, said.

Every Tuesday night starting in march people like me and you can drive a patrol car or fingerprint someone.

You have a better understanding of what the law goes through.

You must 21 years old to sign up and a background check is required.

The citizens academy is open to those who live in Randall County.

If you are interested call the Randall County Sheriff's Office at 806-468 5880.