Gas Leak Prompts Evacuations in Borger

Hundreds of people in Borger are back in their homes after a gas leak sent them across town.

100 homes were evacuated and another 500 had electricity cut off this afternoon to lessen the danger of an explosion.

The Borger Emergency Management Coordinator tells us while a crew was performing a routine line replacement, they came across a line failure just after three today.

Danny Richards says, "the actual leak was at the intersection of Stevens and Cedar streets and affected about a five block radius from that area."

Residents stayed at city hall or the community center under the care of the Red Cross while crews worked to fix the problem.

School children who could not return to their neighborhood stayed at school.

Several agencies including police, fire crews, and emergency management services helped with diverting traffic and other projects.

Richards says with as dry as it has been, static electricity was a main concern, so fire crews sprayed water on gas line workers while they fixed the problem to avoid a spark.

By six, everyone was allowed to return to their homes.

Experts say if you ever smell gas in your home, leave immediately and call the gas company or 9-1-1.

But do not call from inside your home because that could spark a fire.