Area Cities Request Stimulus Money

The 789-billion dollar stimulus plan is now one step closer to reality.

Late Wednesday afternoon, key congressional members approved the plan, which is expected to go to vote as early as Thursday.

Several area city managers are requesting their share of those funds. Canyon City Manager Randy Criswell says, "We just wanted to our name in the hat in the event that money is available or made available."

Canyon is requesting $3.8 million and many other area cities are throwing their names in the hat as well. Amarillo already requested $34 million, and plans to request more in the future.

Guymon is requesting $20 million, most of which will go towards water development. Criswell says he doesn't "see a lot of possibility personally. I don't think it's realistic that there's going to be money available for a city to pave a street with, for the City of Canyon to pave a street with, I'll say that." But several city managers are still holding out hope.

Portales is requesting $27 million, part of which will go towards street improvements. Borger would like between $500,000 and $750,000 for roads and sewer lines as well. Criswell says Canyon's projects need to be done soon, regardless of the stimulus money.

If they receive the money, tax payers will truly be the ones who benefit. "If we can do that with some help from the federal government then that reduces that cost of that project from the 13,000 folks in Canyon."