Michael Stocker Trial, 2-10-09

After deliberating all day jurors have not yet reached a verdict in the Michael Stocker capital murder trial.

Meaning they'll have to pick up where they left off at the Randall County Justice Center on Wednesday morning.

There will be no formal court proceedings, but the jury will resume discussing the piles of evidence and testimony at 8:30 in the morning.

Stocker is on trial for allegedly being involved in the death of Dustin Pool in 2003.

Both sides say they expect a verdict to come down tomorrow.

On Tuesday, the state and defense gave their closing arguments.

The prosecution emphasized a paragraph of the charge against Stocker that said some one can be found guilty for being a party to the conspiracy of murder.

The defense said Stocker knew nothing of the incident and was only involved because he helped a mother and child get to a safe place.