100 New Jobs to Amarillo

While the national economy is struggling Amarillo's economy is once again getting a boost. Zarges Aluminum Systems is working with Amarillo College to employ local people and increase revenue to many local businesses.

Skilled technical workers will be in high demand this summer. Zarges is looking to hire employees to fill positions in manufacturing, engineering, production, and business.

And the majority of those employees will be graduates of Amarillo College. Zarges manufactures everything inside a wind tower from ladders, to elevators, to platforms, and support for electrical equipment, skills Amarillo College is helping its students acquire.

Professor Jack Stanley says, "We're getting a task inventory from them and we will build a program to meet their needs and have their employees trained the way they want them."

In additional to technical skills like aluminum welding, A.C. will help students develop people skills and computer skills.

"Lets face it if they go through that and they get the opportunity to go work for a good company then that's the ultimate goal for the college and then is to get good employees that they need," says Stanley.

The manufacturing company will service the entire North American region up through Canada.

"We hope to acquire as many materials as we can locally, build everything here locally, and then distribute to those markets."

The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation is providing nearly five million dollars for construction of the zarges facility that will be recovered through a 20 year lease.

The AEDC is offering to provide 100-thousand dollars in employee training funding.

The facility should be up and running by the end of this year. Workers can earn between 17 and 27 dollars an hour starting out at a company like Zarges.

For more information call Jack Stanley at Amarillo College at 371-5092.