400+ New Jobs Coming to Amarillo

Bell Helicopter is expanding for the seventh time and that means hundreds of new jobs are coming to Amarillo.

When all is said and done, 459 new jobs are expected from this latest expansion. Those  jobs will be added gradually over the next four years, and are on top of the hundreds that already exist at Bell Helicopter. Amarillo Economic Development Corporation Vice President Steve Pritchett says, "by the time this most recent expansion is completed there will be over 1500 people directly employed within that industry so that's pretty significant. Those are highly skilled, above average wage jobs."

In fact, the Bell Helicopter site manager tells us the average worker at Bell makes $24 dollars an hour, and many of these new jobs will be even higher paid than that. The AEDC is giving Bell Helicopter up to $31-million dollars to help with the expansion costs. Bell says they are choosing now to expand because they will soon begin building several new aircrafts and there simply is not enough space in their current facility. Construction is set to begin this October and be completed by October of 2010.