Michael Stocker Testifies

Canyon, TX - The witnesses have been called, all the evidence has been presented, and now a jury will deliberate if Michael Stocker is connected to the murder of Dustin Pool.

After the jury was released the defense tried to get an aggravated kidnapping charge dropped.

And negotiations lasted well into the evening before the judge ruled Stocker will still face all three original charges, kidnapping, aggravated kidnapping, and capital murder.

Stocker is standing trial for the 2003 death of Pool, when Michael's brother Josh killed Pool and buried him in three feet of concrete under this Randall County grain silo.

Today Stocker took the stand and his answers differed from much of the testimony from previous witnesses.

The prosecution tried to link him to the murder scene and weapon, while the defense tried to prove he was not involved with either.

The prosecution and defense will deliver their closing arguments in the morning and then the jury will go into deliberations.

If convicted Stocker could face up to life in prison.

Michael Stocker Murder Trial