What It Takes: On the Streets - The Final Episode

They have had seven weeks on the streets, we take a final look at the citizens who have transformed to police officers in front of our eyes.

For six months they endured challenges like learning the law, being tased, arrest tactics, and more.. But now the real test has begun..

They are out on the streets, succeeding and failing. We went along for the ride for a final time.

We have seen them everywhere, and now we see how they are progressing.

Field training officers - or FTO's, are there to watch over new officers and give them advice.

Officer Tollerson hears from his FTO "I'm not saying you have to, but you can give them the phone # and address of the municipal court on the citation." Tollerson says, "Oh ok"

Officer Brenes works the night shift.. And says being out in the field is his dream come true.

Officer Brenes says, 'I have always wanted to do police work and the opportunity came up . Gratefully I got hired on with the Amarillo Police Department and here I am."

Scenes like this one ...where a woman has reportedly been thrown from a moving car and is injured..

Causes new officers to work the scene and try and find out what happened.

A challenge our next officer also relates too.

Officer Gutierrez says, "It's a lot challenging and a lot tougher than I expected." 1:47 1:53 "you learn a lot from the FTO's. It's a lot different inside the academy than getting out here on the streets."

They have two more FTO's to make it through... Since they change once a month for four months after graduation.

We wish them all the best... But know statistics show some won't make it through this training..

In fact, we already know some are struggling... But the intent is to turn those who persevere into Amarillo's finest.